#21 study

Time to study for an exam again. See how it goes. I’m further down the road now. Just want to get this overwith.


#20 thoughts on attraction

I stumbled across a interesting documentary. Haven’t watched the whole thing but if you want to watch it. youtube, secret of the sexes. It’s in three parts.

They’re trying out scientifically what attracts guys to girls and the opposite.

What’s the basic thing that are needed in every romantic relationship… Attraction. I believe that attraction is not something you can create. If you’re not attracted to a person then you’re not attracted to him/her. It doesn’t matter how much the person does for you or how nice that person treats you. And I believe that you know directly if you’re attracted to a person or not. You can’t just ”hmm, let me think about it.” I don’t think it works that way.

So if it’s gonna work out between you. You have to be attracted to him/her and he/she have to be attracted to you.

That’s why my first prerequisite are that she has to like me.

#19 The magic of stress (it’s not what you think)

I watched the best ted talk in a long time. And it’s Kelly Mcgonigal talking about stress. Jane Mcgonigal, the game designers, sister. They have the same way of presenting and that was quite interesting. Do yourself a favour and watch it, it’s gonna be the best thing you did today. Here it is:

Furthermore, it’s not only about stress. Think about all the consequences of it. Reflect on that.

#18 No rest

No rest for me. Been busy the whole day today either. Got up in the morning and helped my uncle to move a piano and throw some stuff away. Then we got dinner together and talk about everything, that was nice. Went home to my grandparents after that and that reminded me why I moved out. They had quite an argument. Drove around with my sister for a while and then went back home to study.

Get to take it easy after 3/11 because then I will have my final exam. After that I’ll graduate, finally. Gonna be great.

#17 unproductive day

It’s been an unproductive day today and a bit frustrating. I practiced some guitar in the morning and met a friend for lunch. Came back and were suppose to study but I wanted to print out a paper and there were some problem with my printer. There still is some problem with my printer.

Anyway wasted like 3h there. Then I had a meeting I had to attend. Kind of a board meeting for my community. Discussion changes in the agreement. Or whatever. I can tell you that I dragged down the average age in that room with like 20 years at least. Just a bunch of oldies.

Got to talk to a relative young women though that works for the committee and we talked about our community and that an apartment is an investment. Surprisingly not a lot of people care about what happens to their investments. That is a bit… bad.

Not really in the mood to write more, have more studying to do and I’m getting up early the next morning. Gonna work the whole fucking day. Yey!

#16 Pull the weight

To become a leader you have to be able to pull the weight if nobody else wants to. You are the one that have to drives things forward until something happens.

I’m writing a report at the moment and it feels like I’m pulling a lot of weight. Luckily there is another one that are quite good. or else this would be a crappy report. It’s still pretty crappy but I think we could get a pass on this one.

And btw, I found the quote ”Man surprise me the most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present, the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

#15 What if money was no object?

I stumble across an interesting article today. I’ve come across it before but it’s always good with repetition.

A lot of people get hung up on money. How am I suppose to survive? How will I afford food, shelter, new clothes if I don’t earn money? The same goes for me. I had those question in the back of my mind all the time even during my years abroad. It always worked out for me though.

Now when I’m back into the society with the people that do things for money again I feel the same pressure. Travellers have a different mindset, when you talk with travellers you don’t talk much about money only where it’s cheap and where you can get the most out of your money. The rest of the time it’s about dreams, where you’ve been, what you want to do and where you going. I think that empowers you in a different way.

There is a fun quote going around in that community. I can’t find it now. But it goes something like this: ”Too many people spend money they earned..to buy things they don’t want..to impress people that they don’t like.” There is a better one. But you get the idea.

Try and ask yourself this: ”If money was no object what would you do?” Last time I asked myself the same question I ended up on a two and a half year adventure. Where can this question lead you?

#13 Routines

I’m checking up on some things that I wrote during my travels. One of them were about routines. Living a life with or without routines.

I’ve notice a pattern during my travels. After two months of continuous travel I would get a bit sick of it. It made me tired. No routine, just keep moving ahead. But on the other hand, after two months of staying in one place I’m getting sick of that too. So I guess I have a rule there. two-months rule. Don’t do the same thing more than two month straight. That makes me sick of stuff. Which I’m actually are a little bit here in Sweden. I’ve settled in ok though.

Sometimes I still get ticks or some stupid ideas. Well, not stupid ideas but random ones. Joined a community called superbetter and then never logged in again pretty much. That’s my latest one.

Missing the road…

#12 Steering focus and fun fact

You probably figured out that I’m back in the classroom again. That entails reading books and article. For this course I only have to read articles, which is good. I have a hard time reading longer texts.

Sometimes I read an article and when I’m finished the content of the article seems to have left my mind. Well, I usually noticed after I read a few pages. When I read an article I’ve noticed that my mind starts to float away. ”Oh, that’s right. I have to do X” or ”I really liked Totoro” etc. When that happens I know that nothing will get into my mind. So I bring back my mind on the task. During one article on maybe 6000 words I have to do that at least seven times. That’s really annoying because I was really good at reading for a while. My focus and attention could hold on longer. Or I didn’t notice when my mind was wondering before. Either way it’s a little bit like meditation, notice what your mind are doing and if it’s steering of bring it back and focus.

Anyway, I heard a quite fun thing during lecture today. Nudie Jeans recommend or want you to wear your new jeans everyday for six month to break them in. I didn’t write the wrong number six month without washing them. Why? So that they become personalised.

The indigo fades because it can’t be fixated on the cotton. And that can show how you wear your jeans. What you do with them. Well, if you worn a pair of jeans for a couple of years I guess the fading comes anyway. But it’s about sustainability as well. How many times you wash your jeans determine how eco-friendly they are. And of course how often you buy new ones.

That was a little fun fact