What travels does to you

When I came back from my travels a lot of people asked me. ”What have you learnt during your travels?”

I never had a good answer and I still don’t. There were never any aha-moments. Sometimes I don’t even think that I’ve learnt anything and that I haven’t changed at all. But sometimes I feel like I’ve changed but I don’t know in what ways. It’s not like one day I was a certain way and then suddenly the next day I’m a new person.

There are a two things I want to bring up anyway:

If you want to change something you have to be ready to pull the weight, take action. To change something or initiate change are seldom easy. You have to be ready to pull the weight even if other people want the change. People wants everything served on a silver platter. Even me. You have to be ready to take the hard decisions and do what you think is right, even if other people think otherwise. You have to work harder than everybody else. When people see that you’ve put in the hard work they see that it’s something you care about and that’s maybe something they should care about as well. If you just talk about it and other people agree but nothing gets done. Nothing will change. Not your environment and not yourself. It is action that makes things happen, it’s action that drives things forward and it’s through action you show what your mean and your dedication. When you show that you are willing to dedicate yourself to something then others are prepared to follow. If you just talk, people don’t see your dedication. Why should they commit and dedicate themselves to something if you’re not doing it?

Appreciate what you have. When you travel you meet a lot of people and you experience a lot. During my years away I bonded with so many people and there were places I fell in love with. But sooner or later either they or I have to move on. It hurts. I never know if I’ll ever see them again or if I will come back to the same place again. And when you are standing there waiting for the bus, train or flight you wish you didn’t have to move on, you wish that time would stop and you could be in that place with the same people forever. But that is not how life works. Inside I know that it’s time to move on, not forget but move on. It maybe sounds a bit depressing. I don’t think it is. You miss it for a reason, right? It was real, it felt good and you had a really good time. Remember to appreciate what you have. I remind myself all the time. Because you don’t know how valuable everything is until you lose it.

There’s nothing quite like travel to show you what you had before you left – Unknown

These are two lessons I’ve learnt during my travels. And I will probably have to relearn them down the road since life lessons seems hard to learn.



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