#20 thoughts on attraction

I stumbled across a interesting documentary. Haven’t watched the whole thing but if you want to watch it. youtube, secret of the sexes. It’s in three parts.

They’re trying out scientifically what attracts guys to girls and the opposite.

What’s the basic thing that are needed in every romantic relationship… Attraction. I believe that attraction is not something you can create. If you’re not attracted to a person then you’re not attracted to him/her. It doesn’t matter how much the person does for you or how nice that person treats you. And I believe that you know directly if you’re attracted to a person or not. You can’t just ”hmm, let me think about it.” I don’t think it works that way.

So if it’s gonna work out between you. You have to be attracted to him/her and he/she have to be attracted to you.

That’s why my first prerequisite are that she has to like me.



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