#17 unproductive day

It’s been an unproductive day today and a bit frustrating. I practiced some guitar in the morning and met a friend for lunch. Came back and were suppose to study but I wanted to print out a paper and there were some problem with my printer. There still is some problem with my printer.

Anyway wasted like 3h there. Then I had a meeting I had to attend. Kind of a board meeting for my community. Discussion changes in the agreement. Or whatever. I can tell you that I dragged down the average age in that room with like 20 years at least. Just a bunch of oldies.

Got to talk to a relative young women though that works for the committee and we talked about our community and that an apartment is an investment. Surprisingly not a lot of people care about what happens to their investments. That is a bit… bad.

Not really in the mood to write more, have more studying to do and I’m getting up early the next morning. Gonna work the whole fucking day. Yey!



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