#13 Routines

I’m checking up on some things that I wrote during my travels. One of them were about routines. Living a life with or without routines.

I’ve notice a pattern during my travels. After two months of continuous travel I would get a bit sick of it. It made me tired. No routine, just keep moving ahead. But on the other hand, after two months of staying in one place I’m getting sick of that too. So I guess I have a rule there. two-months rule. Don’t do the same thing more than two month straight. That makes me sick of stuff. Which I’m actually are a little bit here in Sweden. I’ve settled in ok though.

Sometimes I still get ticks or some stupid ideas. Well, not stupid ideas but random ones. Joined a community called superbetter and then never logged in again pretty much. That’s my latest one.

Missing the road…



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