#12 Steering focus and fun fact

You probably figured out that I’m back in the classroom again. That entails reading books and article. For this course I only have to read articles, which is good. I have a hard time reading longer texts.

Sometimes I read an article and when I’m finished the content of the article seems to have left my mind. Well, I usually noticed after I read a few pages. When I read an article I’ve noticed that my mind starts to float away. ”Oh, that’s right. I have to do X” or ”I really liked Totoro” etc. When that happens I know that nothing will get into my mind. So I bring back my mind on the task. During one article on maybe 6000 words I have to do that at least seven times. That’s really annoying because I was really good at reading for a while. My focus and attention could hold on longer. Or I didn’t notice when my mind was wondering before. Either way it’s a little bit like meditation, notice what your mind are doing and if it’s steering of bring it back and focus.

Anyway, I heard a quite fun thing during lecture today. Nudie Jeans recommend or want you to wear your new jeans everyday for six month to break them in. I didn’t write the wrong number six month without washing them. Why? So that they become personalised.

The indigo fades because it can’t be fixated on the cotton. And that can show how you wear your jeans. What you do with them. Well, if you worn a pair of jeans for a couple of years I guess the fading comes anyway. But it’s about sustainability as well. How many times you wash your jeans determine how eco-friendly they are. And of course how often you buy new ones.

That was a little fun fact



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