#10 Lazy and smoking

I skipped class today. The alarm woke me up on time but I decided to sleep another hour so I skipped class. Instead I practiced some guitar and went exercising before work. Probably compensated for my laziness in the morning.

I thought I started at 1300 but I started 1500 so I arrived early, luckily for me there is a park very close to my work so I took a stroll there watched some penguins and some rabbits. Nice to relax a bit.

I’ve been a bit edgy lately. I’m not totally sure why but I can see a few reasons, I haven’t exercised that much, it’s a little pressure at school (I have a deadline next tuesday and my group haven’t even started), I haven’t smoked for four or five days.

Speaking of smoking, you know what I get out of smoking. Time to relax, an excuse to take a break, especially when I’m around people. As you know I’m not the talkative type, I see myself as an introvert so when I need a break I just tell them ”I just gonna take a smoke”. Most of the people are ok with that. They don’t see you as a antisocial jerk.

Anyway, I gonna try to stay smoke free until friday. I’m quite addicted now. It will be fun to see if I will be able to quite later.



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