#3 A blunder and the major system

For a long time I thought that I’ve linked my student-mail to my main e-mail adress but it wasn’t. I was checking my student mail today and I realised that I was through to the second stage in a recruitment process. It was a job I really wanted. That made me so angry at myself, I was so furious and couldn’t think about something else for like half an hour.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be huh. So I fixed that and I got a new email adress as well because I will lose my student account in a not too distant future. My current email adress is lundbyit@whatever and I changed it to contact.tonilee@whatever. Lundbyit is not really a good email to search for jobs but I tried to create a email adress with my name in it a couple of time but all the combinations I tried that was acceptable were already taken. So I came up with this new one. It’s not the best one but it’ll work.

Have you ever heard of ”the major system” it’s a memory technique I’ve tried to learn it before but it got put on hold. Now I gonna try it again. You can google it if you want to find out more. I’ll maybe explain it more some day but not today. Today I gonna write a string of 50 numbers and I gonna try to remember the order and write it out in a couple of days. You can’t really check if I’m cheating or not, you just have to trust me on that one.

Here it goes: 59103 57502 78696 34572 30025 07298 67237 29345 93916 37483

Wish me luck



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