A crossroad and a new commitment


It’s feel like I’m at a crossroad at the moment. What should my next step be? I’m torn between creating a career for myself and continue traveling. Both feels desirable. The words I’m trying to find don’t come to mind. You know when you have a feeling but you don’t know how to describe it or better yet when you try some exotic food and people ask you what it taste like and the only thing that comes to mind is chicken.

When I read the above paragraph I just think ”Just decide man, it’s not that hard”. It’s true it’s not that hard. The hard thing is to decide and commit to the decision. I can go with the flow like I’ve always done and that’s probably what I’ll do. To have uncertainty in my life is not one of my strong skills I guess. But it’s hard to have certainty in a uncertain world right? hard to control anything. The thing is it’s still important to commit to something and then be able to let it go when you see that it’s going the wrong way. That is what I’m not doing. It feels like I’m doing the things half heartedly which are not going to take me anywhere.

So, this is a commitment I start out with. I’m going to do something that I did almost a year and a half ago with a small tweak. If you remembered I did a 100-post challenge last year. Now I’m going to try it again but only for 30 days.

As you may have noticed I’ve haven’t got my writing habit going, which I intend to change. I thought it was down to my old computer but I got a new one now and I use this one way more than I used the other one. That didn’t change my habit of writing though. So I hope I will write some more now with this challenge.

Stay tuned



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