Our stories

Stories have always fascinated me as long as I can remember. It started out as bedtime’s stories my dad use to read for me and my sister when we were younger. Then a whole bunch of worlds opened up to me when I learned to read, the world of books. I use to dive into them head first and get lost in them for hours. It was amazing.

There are different kinds of stories and my interest in the types of stories changed as I grew older. I don’t know the english titles of the books but there were in class with Sabrina the teenage witch. Then it turned into, J K Rowling, Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind and a lot of other authors. Those are written stories, mostly made up stories. There is another kind of stories as well, our stories, which tells other people of how we turned into the persons we are today.

Every time I meet a new person some part of that story always get told. After a while it feels boring to tell the stories over and over again, especially when I meet a lot of people within a short time, which I did during my travels and now when I’m hosting couchsurfers. There are also dark parts of our stories, embarrassing parts and other parts which we don’t want to tell other people.

A thought struck me; maybe it’s these kinds of stories that are the most interesting ones. Maybe we should think our stories are interesting, even the parts we want to hide from other people. I’m not saying that we should go around and tell everybody our darkest parts to them. What I’m saying is that maybe it’s good to open up sometimes. If you open up and the other person accepts you then you know that they accept you for who you are and not the one they think you are.

Let’s do a thought experiment, what if… What if other people can like us, accept us, love us for who we are, not only the good parts but even the bad parts and the dark parts. It’s what gives us depth as human beings, at least it’s what I think. Some people won’t be able to do it but then you know around what level you guys are at. I think that is what creates connection between people.

It’s not something I’m doing at the moment but maybe something I should work on. And maybe you should too.



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