First two month back to reality

I’ve been so lazy since I came back. My will, my body and my mind are still in vacation. I just find heaps of excuses. It’s been nice these to month though. But now it’s time to wake myself up and do those things that I want and should do.

The first month back I caught up with friends again and hosted couchsurfers. That was fine, but I used that as an excuse as well. I almost didn’t get anything done during that month. Well, I finished an english grammar course which was educative and that was something I needed. Even though I still feel like my writing sucks.

I’m a little disappointed actually. I had this great plan on what I wanted to achieve, what habit to build, what I wanted to do. Everything just fell flat, haha.

It’s easy to say I gonna do this, that and that. It even makes sense. It’s doable, but when you get to that point in doing it you just avoid it. All the little stuff gets in the way. At least that’s how my master plans usually turn out.

Anyway, I’m working on it and I’m feeling more motivated now. I did some minor stuff now that I’ve been putting off for a while. Hopefully, the productivity and the motivation stays.  



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