You heard it before but I say it again. It’s been hard for me to write anything lately. In a way I’ve been avoiding it, at least it’s what I think. I’ve been hiding behind superficiality, trying to stay afloat on the surface, trying not to go deep. Everything have happened unconsciously. Since I came back from my travels my mind have kept me busy with the surface level stuff; worked, learnt knew stuff, met new people and friends. But it’s time now.

Imagine the earth, For the last two month I’ve been staying on the surface because I know if I dig to deep I find only chaos. From time to time I had my fair share of volcano eruptions but they’ve been just like that volcano eruptions. I feel the chaos sometimes like earthquakes. Maybe I’m just imagining but it feels like it. If I keep digging deeper the chaos will take over.

It’s time to face the demons, look into my eyes it’s where my demons hide. I’m stuck between two worlds. Well, actually I’m stuck between many different worlds and as soon as I think about it I just… feel like doing something else.

Where should I start. Expectations. I write about it next time. My normal avoidance tactic.



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