I’m back and I’m lost

A long time ago I left Sweden for a six month trip to Australia. My six months trip turned into a two years and four months trip and now I’m finally home. I’ve been home for almost three weeks.

I would say it has been a busy three weeks but it would be half a lie. I played a lot of video games, I missed it so much. My PS3 is like my mind distracter number two.

Anyway, things have settled down a little bit so I have taken my time to write a little bit again. It made me realize something, I’m lost. I have lost my direction it was so clear six months ago (felt like forever ago). But due to some personal circumstances everything changed.

I have been so excited to begin to write again. I have all these plans and everything has been so good, I’ve done an exam, met up with friends, met new friends and gone out drinking but when I started writing. I couldn’t (This is my third or fourth time I tried writing). There were and are some personal issues I haven’t dealt with yet. My first post in Sweden was supposed to be exciting, motivating, inspiring. Instead it turned out like this.

I do have a plan, I know what I will do during the summer. But further than that my future is totally black. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel but it felt wrong to continue on that path almost like I could detect a trap or something so I took a turn and now it’s only darkness around me. I know I will be ok, but I can’t stop second guessing my decision.

Ok, enough with bullshit. Now, to the practical stuff. I gonna start exercising, I gonna get my blog up to speed, I gonna look for work and I started to host on couchsurfing.

That’s gonna be my summer.



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