Thinking bigger

I’ve been walking the whole day today pretty much. Saw some tourist spots, took some pictures. During the walk my mind started to wander as usual and I started to think about Cambodia. About the people I met there, how I could help them and I came into my new dream that I wrote about not long ago.

I’m not really sure about how my line of thought went but, suddenly I was thinking about making a real difference. Make a difference for the whole country. That would help the people I met the most. The two biggest problems as I see it is poverty and corruption. Here is an article about it. Cambodia Is Ingrained With Corruption, Political Patronage

I had to do some research and I did a short one, when I got wifi. Not surprisingly it’s hard for an outsider to stop those. Especially corruption, it has to start with the government and in the end it’s about the people. The government is there to help the people not take their money. It seems like a hard concept to grasp for some people. Ultimately it’s not only about the people, it’s about the system.

It was really discouraging. Not much I could do about that. Well, it doesn’t feel like it though. Start a newspaper and better education for the people to let them know what is happening and that what they can do about it. Because in the end it’s about the people, the people have to change, their mind, that’s how a better system is built.

That is what I believe, but I don’t know how to make it happen.



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