Changing my blog

As you probably have noticed I’m modifying my blog at the moment. It’s interesting to see how easy it is with wordpress. But it’s a lot of work even though it’s easy and I have only written 235 posts in two and a half year. Wow. At first I thought it was very few, but when I thought about it. On average it’s around one post every four days. That’s a lot considered that I have periods when I don’t post a thing.

A part of me wants to make it bigger with the main focus on personal development, but with pages about travels. I have an idea about how I would like to organize the everything. A part of me hopes that I get a lot of readers another part of me hopes not. Well, it’s more about fear. What about I don’t get a lot of readers? Now, I can say that I don’t really try. If I really try and I don’t get any then I don’t have any excuses. What if I don’t feel like maintaining the blog? What if my writing sucks? What if I don’t know what to write? I can’t be as personal as I am now. What will other people think of me? What would my friends think of me? These are some of the excuses my mind makes up. The bottom line is I’m afraid that I will fail.

I don’t know if I would try to make it bigger or try to reach a bigger audience. At the moment I’m just having fun with the design and thinking about how I want the blog. In other words I don’t feel ready to make it bigger yet.

My thoughts about the blog are that I want to have a travel section. This section is secondary, there are so many travel blogs out there already. It’s more about my itinerary, my travel experience, my travel tips and my pictures. Neatly organized, but I want to have one. If nothing else I can practice my travel writing.

The main part should be about personal development, what I’m focusing on at the moment and some day to day moments. In the end I want to have a archive of different project I’ve been working on. I know it’s not easy because a lot of stuff intertwine. But I want to divide it up so that new readers can start where they feel that they are. Or what part of their life they want to work on.

I hope I will be finished with my organization and my travel writing by the end of summer. 1 of September. Little pressure on myself.



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