The rat race

I mentioned the rat race in my previous post. And that I will jump right into it when I get back to Sweden.

You maybe wonder what the rat race is. It’s doing what you are supposed to do by society’s standards. Go to school, get a degree (), get a career (), get a family (), retire (). That is how the majority of humans live their life. I feared that life, for so long. I still fear it. But now I think I realize what the rat race really is about. Put “Then you will be happy/successful” into the brackets. I wanted to be happy and a lot of stuff I was reading said that if I wanted to be happy the rat race is an illusion. I believed them and I escaped the rat race or so I thought. Have I found happiness now? Or am I successful now? I would say, no. I thought by escaping the rat race I would be successful and happy but I’m not.

What I think the rat race really is about is the chase after happiness. When we were younger we chase our dreams and when I don’t believe in them anymore the rat race provides incentives for us to keep moving forward. It gives us a framework on how you will live a happy/good life. But you keep reaching milestone after milestone and you get the reward and you are happy for a short moment, but it soon fades. Then they show you bigger rewards and promise more happiness and you start to chase after that. That is what I have been doing. I’m not saying that I would have been happier if I would have stayed in Sweden. I’m just saying that you can achieve happiness wherever you are. I’m not like super happy or anything like that, but I believe that’s true.

When I travel I have higher highs and lower lows. It’s been a roller coaster. I don’t regret anything and I would like to travel soon again. But, I would like to go home and live comfortably for a bit. I miss having my own space.




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