2013 – The year abroad

2013 is almost over. If you know me you also know what it means. Reflection. This year has been my first whole year away from Sweden. I haven’t even got close to Sweden. I still remember the start of the year. I was standing with my girlfriend and a few friends in Sydney Harbour. There were people all around us and everybody was watching the fireworks above Harbour bridge. What a firework it was, small, big, streams of light, amazing colours and configurations were lightening up the night sky. Across from us were Sydney opera house and the botanic garden. From there millions of flashes went off when people were trying to catch the perfect picture of the moment.

So much has happened since then. I have experienced happiness, anger, sadness, contentment, tiredness, euphoria, awe and wonder. I’ve travelled more than 20 000km, I’ve gone from eating kangaroo in the Australian desert to walking upon the mighty glaciers in New Zealand, I’ve dived by the Great Barrier Reef and skydived above Lake Taupo. I’ve been on the foot of Mt Doom and seen Lothlorien. I’ve been travelling a lot but I’ve also worked a lot. You would be surprised over how much you can do in a year.

I’ve tried to live without goals. In a way a have, no pressure, no musts, sometimes responsibilities but that’s a part of life. I just had wants, three big wants this year; visit New Zealand, sky dive and bungy jump. Everything checked off. What a year! Wow!

I came to Taiwan with all of those things done and I became depressed. That made me think and think hard about my life. I was asking question after question, but never got any clear answers. Actually I never got any answers. Maybe the answers don’t matter, what matters is what I do. So after a lot of thinking I made a decision.

I’m heading back to Sweden, to my home and plan to jump right into the rat race, full force head on. You maybe wonder what the rat race is. I wrote an explanation and it was a little bit long so I am going to do another post on that topic.

When I travel I have higher highs and lower lows. It’s been a roller coaster. I don’t regret anything and I would like to travel soon again. But, I would like to go home and live comfortably for a bit. I miss having my own space. I was going to write: I don’t want to worry about finding jobs, how to save money, how I will afford to continue travel. As soon as I started, I realized that I will still have those worries when I get back. So I don’t have any good reasons for going back but meeting family and friends.

My original plan was to travel around in Asia and then head to Canada where I would have achieved my other biggest dream. Hike in the rocky mountains. I guess I have to save that for my next world trip.

Remember you will die have been my motto these last two years. The world was supposed to end 2012 but it didn’t. I try very hard to live by that motto and I realized it’s not sustainable. It doesn’t work in the long run. You have to plan for the future to some degree. I still think it’s a good philosophy though. It was that motto that got me going in the first place.

So what’s my plan 2014? I’m going to teach some Cambodian kids English for two month. Then I’m going to visit Shang-ri la, china, korea, japan, hopefully Russia and meet some friends along the way. After that Sweden, change my apartment a little bit and get my fucking degree. Lastly. I going to live happy forever after. The end.



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