It’s not a secret that I becomes depressed sometimes. I feel lonely and alienated. I question what I want, What my purpose is, Why I exists. What I get then is just negative answers. Logically I know that other people most feel the same thing. Or the word wouldn’t exist. But I’m different. I’m special.

I saw a speech about it. He is studying depression and have been depressed himself. It’s pretty informative and sometimes funny. Anyway, It’s worth watching.

The things that triggered me was that a lot of people feel it.

Different things works for different people.

Don’t try to hide it or deny it. Accept it. Talk about it (With right people). That creates resilience. This was the biggest point for me. Because I relate it to dare to be vulnerable (Brene Brown’s research). It’s when your vulnerable other people see’s You, and when they accept you it’s when the magic happends. Honestly, even though I know this I find this extremely hard. Just keep trying.

One thing I have to mention. Don’t beat yourself up. That was a big thing for me. *I know I should be more vulnerable/show more vulnerablility. Why don’t I do it? Just do it. No, I don’t dare to. You suck. You make me so dissapointed.* That kind of self-talk isn’t really effective.



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