I have shaved my face, fixed my hair and I am dressed in more ”decent” clothes. Why?

That’s a good question. I wish my answer was: I did it because I wanted to, it makes me feel better and fresher. Instead I have to answer: I did it because of social pressure from my relatives.

I think you should shave.

You look like a kid in those clothes.

Why don’t you dress more properly?

You look dirty with beard.

Actually I don’t mind shaving. I do my hair and dress more ”decent” when I go out to have drink with friends or for special occasions.

In a way it’s feedback on my appearance. A part of me understands it. Because in a way when I’m doesn’t fit into social norms it’s means I’m wierd. And who wants to hang out with wierdos. Well, if they are successful it’s ok. Because it’s their weirdness that makes them successful.

I wouldn’t like other people to think I’m wierd. But I’m ok with that. But if friends or family feel ashamed of me because I’m wierd that’s a different thing. So I do it.

When I was younger I dressed in my ”normal” clothes when I went on dates. Just to see how the girl would behave. To see if they would accept the ”normal” me.

Now I ask myself. Is it my dates fault if the become a little hesitant? I can’t really blame them I realise now. I know how awkward it can be if the person you are with is acting wierd or draws attention.

Impression is important in todays society. It’s scientifically proven that your look affects peoples behaviour towards you. So I give way.

But I have to say when I was travelling it was easier not to fit in in that category. It was nice to dress how I wanted. The norms among backpackers are different even though I think they go back to the normal norm when they get back.

Showers, nature and hopefully my future home is a place where I can be truly ”myself”. Even better I dare to be myself everywhere.



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