Wanting time

At the moment millions of ideas is popping up in my mind. I gonna stay in Taiwan for two months. It’s time to build good habits again.

If you have been following my blog you will notice that this pattern emerges from time to time.

Two months felt like a long time, it feels like a short time now. And I want to take care of it. I wanna take an online course, learn chinese (read and write), exercise, meet friends, experiment with cooking, explore Taiwan, write, plan my trip, do research, relax, rest, just heaps of things. I start to realise that it will be impossible to do all of those things and keep quality in them.

So of course I have to choose which things I wanna focus on. Luckily these things emerges frequently so I had quite a easy time to choose.

Of all those things I will focus on exercise, planning my onward trip, meet friends and write. I want to exercise and write every day and have most of my onwards trip planned.

It’s not very specific, I had the same problem before. Alright, a little more specific.

Exercise and write at least 10min a day. I can make exception for exercise if I’m travelling or if it’s inconvenient.

I gonna have all my flights booked until Canada and know what and how to get the visa to every country I wanna visit and make a budget. It will make me less flexible but makes its easier when I travel.

Contact all the friends that lives and are in Taiwan.

Easy goals. Just my point.



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