I was tired after a ten hours flight. As soon as I got of my plane I felt the hot, humid air crabbing hold of me. It was like walking into a giant sauna. It was almost like I arrived on a different planet.

It was six o’clock when we got of the plane. We had to grab our luggage and then head towards our hostel. We found out that we had to change subway train trice. No worries I thought it’s not that hard.

Well, when the trains are overpacked with people and you got a big backpack on your back and rolling another big luggage then it’s frustrating. When I say overpacked I mean overpacked. I was hitting people wherever I turned and to get of the train we had to push five people of the train first.

I think I almost got a little claustrophobic. I haven’t been squeezed between so many people since the dawn of time, almost. Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland etc was alright. It was heaps of people there to. But for some reason it was alright for me.

I think I got a small culture shock. Even though I already visited Singapore before.

Metropolis is probably not for me.



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