Cruising the skies

A few days ago I was sitting with my legs and feets outside a small airplane 15,000ft above the ground. Waiting for my instructor to throw us out into mid air. I couldn’t believe I had wanted to do this for such a long time. I was going to write who would want that. But realised that a lot of people want that or it wouldn’t be a tourist attraction.

The wind was strong and I could barely hear what my instructor was saying. I knew he was counting. Instead I looked down and it was a looong way down. I loved it, that made my heart pump adrenaline through my system so much quicker.

I must say it wasn’t pretty when he threw us out. The wind was hitting my face in almost 70km/h and was increasing. I struggled to breath and keep my eyes open. Even though I had goggles. If flying feels like this I wouldn’t like to fly.

The world seemed to slow down when the instructor let the parachute out. Well, at that point I assumed it was the parachute because I couldn’t see him or anything else behind me.

That!, was amazing. I didn’t have to struggle with my breath and it was no problem keeping my eyes open. We were just cruising… 8-9,000ft above the ground. I won’t even paint the picture for you. I let you imagine it yourself. That was how I imagine flying would be like.

And now, I have achieved everything I wanted to do in Australia and New Zealand before I left Sweden. Well, at least on the adventure side.



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