Golden beaches

From the cold glaciers to warm beaches. It wasn’t that warm. It’s still spring in NZ, it’s like spring in Sweden. Rainy, cold and sometimes sunny. Today it was sunny. We visited golden bay. With beaches full of golden sand.
It was not far from it. When the sun shined upon the golden beach the sand was really shining and glittering. With a little imagination or on a boat out in the sea the beach could have been made out of gold.

If you imagine that, surrounded by green rainforest vegetation, the mountains behind it and turquoise blue water crashing into the bay in smooth waves it could almost be compare with paradise. Or could be a part of paradise.

Golden bay have a lot of beaches and a lot of the beaches are hard to get to. Addition to that, it’s low season. So when we got there, there were almost no one. Only a water taxi picking up some people. Then we had the beach to ourselves.

Unfortunately the water was pretty cold and the air not hot so we didn’t swim or stayed for long. But it was definitely worth getting there.



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