Icy Fox

It was -20 degree when I left Sweden 9 February 2012. That was the last time I touched until Cradle mt in tasmania. But a few days ago I spent four hours walking, sitting and eating on a thirteen kilometers long glacier, Fox glacier. That was the first glacier I ever walked on.

Not long ago I thought that glaciers were huge blocks of ice and snow that was moving slowly across the landscape. Something that you only see close to the poles. This was also huge. But small compared to how big a glacier were in my imagination.

The surface of this glacier were quite dirty due to the rockfalls from the mountains around it. But the guide showed us some really awesome caves and holes were we could see the pure ice. I liked that. It was really cool.

The ice were in light turquoise blue and the deeper we went the ice colour turned into darker blue. Like mana potions in Diablo II.

It was a cool experience, I would like to explore the glacier more, but… not enough money and time as always.



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