A fake sound

A few days ago I visited New Zealands fiordland. I had heard so much about its magnificent beauty. But it was overhyped, still good though.

To see and experience the sound we decided to take a cruise in milford sound. Which actually is a fiord.
I don’t know if you know what a fiord is. Basically it is a valley filled with water surrounded by a lot of mountains.

Do you know what the difference between a fiord and a sound is? I didn’t. Keep reading and I let you know.

The day we took the cruise was the day with the best weather which fitted in our schedule. Partly cloudy and partly sunny.

When we arrived at the dock it was sunny. What a lovely start. Lovely mountain, a lot of small water falls. But as we went further out in the fiord the cloudier it got. It was almost as a fog and it started raining.

We saw some seals and a penguin. Quite cool. Everybody just ran to the front of the boat to take a lot of pictures. That included me. Anyway it was pretty fine sight when we turned around and saw the fiord it was raining and clouded. Mysterious. Slowly the fiord revealed itself. With dark mountains on the side.

That was an experience. It was probably rainy weather when the explorers discovered milford sound as well. Because it rains more than 200 days a year.

The further in we got the less cloud it was. And that was amazing when the mountains finally revealed itself. We then got the the discovery centre. And it was here I learned the difference between a fiord and a sound. A fiord as carved out by a glacier while a sound is carved out by a river.

The had built a underwater observatory there so we could take a look at the life underneath the surface. It was like diving a totally different world. You probably encountered it in a aquarium. But this was i  nature. The animal and plants in its normal habitat.

It doesn’t make them more coral or more fishy. But it’s still a difference.

The fake sound was a cool place but a little overhyped.



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