Leap of faith

This was an important day today, well it still is. I felt it in the morning already. I woke up before my alarm sounded, ate my breakfast in peace and retreated into my head. Exactly what I use to do when I have important exams or important games.

The morning was a bit chilly and there wasn’t many people out.

I and a canadian got picked up at the meeting place by a very talkative driver. By the time we got out of town the driver had put on some music and the cloud had fallen down around us. Smoke was raising from the froaty grass beside the road. It seemed like even the earth knew that this was an important day and was holding it’s breath. By then I had a tingling feeling in my body, the familiar feeling called nervousness. It’s how it supposed to feel. I felt good.

Suddenly we broke out of the clouds and the sun was shining. We had arrived in the valley, surrounding us were green mountains and even deeper valleys were rivers were running swiftly towards the ocean.

This was a beautiful day to do my first time ever bungjy. Nevis valley, 134m high, world third highest bungjy. I thought if I’m gonna do it, I do it big or I don’t do it at all. It is a 8,5 seconds free fall and you can reach 120km/h.

Me and the Canadian put on our gear and got out to the platform. There they fasten ojr ropes and double checked everything. By then it was a bit nervous. It was fun, looking down through the glass floor. The Canadian jumped first.

Come on deep breath. ”Toni, your turn!”. My heart rate jumped up a few notch. My whole body was tingling now. I force myself to breath deeply. ”Alright, walk to the edge.” I did as the instructor told me to do. I looked down. On purpose. Wow! That is a long way down. Got a bit shaky. I would lie if I said that I wasn’t scared.

”Deep breath and 3… 2… 1…” I jumped. More like fell. The wind hitting my face and me gaining speed. Gravity had my whole being in its grasp and the river was rushing towards me. Or me towards the river. It didn’t matter, adrenaline was rushing through my body. All my senses was on overdrive. Nothing else mattered. This! This is life!



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