Dream or Reality

I was supposed to be here a year ago. But I decided to stay in Australia. Then I was supposed to be here six months after that. But decided to stay in Australia. Now I’m here.

I don’t know how long I have been dreaming about to do this. Visit New Zealand. And now I’m finally here. I’m in fucking New Zealand. I didn’t realise it until later during the evening when I was showering. Suddenly it just hit me *I’m really here.* when I realised that I got a warm bubbly feeling in my chest. Joy, excitement, happiness, I don’t really know. Maybe everything.

We arrived in Christchurch 05.15 in the morning yesterday. So we only slept 3h. Let me tell you, I need a lot more sleep than that. The weather forecast showed rain today so we wanted to arrive in lake Tekapo yesterday.

Halfway to Tekapo we swap drivers. And I fell straight into sleep. A dreamless sleep.

I felt a pat on my thigh and ”wake up! We are here!”. When I opened my eyes I saw snow covered mountain peaks reaching high into the sky and in between them was the most emerald blue lake I ever seen. It was like a postcard. Too beautiful, too fake, just… Too… Perfect. It feels like a dream. I’m not sure I’m awake yet.

I am afraid even now as I’m writing this that everything is a dream and that I will wake up any moment. If this is a dream, I never wanna wake up.



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