I’m a chicken

The sun is about to set and we are around 50 people waiting excited for the penguins to return home. It’s windy and I am freezing.

I don’t feel that well. I feel alright physically,  it’s my conscience that it’s bothering me. Because where we are standing now is a construction site.

It’s a pier in st kilda where you can see penguins. They come home around sunset time. And their home is at that pier. And that part is close to the public at the moment.

We arrived earlier today and at the entrance is a fence. I didn’t feel like sneaking in. So we just waited outside to see if we could get a glimpse of the penguins.

I wanted to sneak in but didn’t dare to. So we waited and waited. A lot of people came and turned back. But people stayed as well. Suddenly the fence moved. A braver guy than me moved the fence so he and his friends could get through. Most of the people was hesitant at the beginning but the more people that went through the more people followed and so did we.

The penguins were so cute! I just saw two, but apparently there was more. I am more than happy though. But when I saw a guy using flash I started to feel bad again. I felt sorry for the penguins. It was clearly written, don’t use flash photography. When I later saw a guy climb on the rocks I just went away.

No respect for the animals. No wonder more and more animals gets closer to extinction.
I’m probably not the right person to say this. But I think we need a paradigm shift in thinking. A lot of people is trying, but it’s slow.

Anyway, I’m not gonna preach. St kilda is worth visiting if you ever get to Melbourne.



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