Tassie #4 mighty ghost from the past

Tap-tap-tap-tap. The rain is still falling outside. My cosy mood is slowly turning into despair. It’s hard to keep my mood up and my plan is totally and utterly destroyed now.

This is my seventh day here and I been all over the state, but it’s raining everywhere. I just hope that I get a few days if good weather. The forecast looks promising. Even though tasmania is beautiful when it rains I would like to see more of it when it’s sunny.

We drove up to hartz mt today even though the weather sucked. I needed to do something so we took two small walks. The first one took us to a lake through an alpine landscape. It was very windy and both of us was bending forward to avoid getting the wind in out faces.

The trail ended abruptly by the shore of a lake. It made me think of lake acheron, pathway to hell. Because of the low lying clouds we didn’t see the lake until we arrived at the shore. To our left were a empty bench and in front of us the dark and endless lake, the only thing missing was the boat that would take us over to the other side.

We stood there a few moments and absorbed the scene. The trance like state faded and we took a few photos. On our way back I saw the Words. A message from heaven. The timing was perfect. Like when Simba met his dead father. They lifted my mood and made me smile. Let my post end with them.

If the clouds is down and the mountain rimming the valley are hidden, your imagination may have to stretch a little. Perhaps the mists will be thick enough to create the impression of what it would be like inside a glacier – surrounded be a seemingly endless mass of ice that towered upward, blending into the cold, grey sky above. The mists that now haunt these alpine valleys are like the ghosts of ancient glaciers – providing chilling reminders of a time when nature set the pace of change and people and their urgencies didn’t matter.



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