Tassie #3

Finally found free parking. It’s still raining and been raining ever since I last wrote (2 days).

It’s cosy in a way. The clouds are so low and when we are up in the mountain we are totally covered by it. So it’s constantly a grey mist around us. It gives me a cosy feeling. Mysteries.

Yesterday we camped at cradle mt. They had a small cottage there and it was a fire in there. We met an family from Austria. That was nice. Talked a little bit. Sat around the fire.

A part of me is disappointed I most admit. It’s not possible to see anything of the beautiful nature here in tasmania. I don’t think I will return here again. It feels like I’m missing out on a lot.

Today we visited a small town called Ross. They have a bakery there which inspired Hayao Miyazaki to write a story. His movies are quite nice. You probably have heard about him. Spirited away, howls moving castle, laputa and many more.

Well, it is good for me to write. It makes me feel better and it forces me to become more positive. Because I don’t really want to wien on my blog. Just a little bit.



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