Tassie #2

It have been two days since my last wrote. Today was a little bit of a disappointment.  The weather was shit. It was windy, raining and cold. Almost like the swedish weather. We went to wineglass bay and bay of fire. Saw almost nothing. Too foggy.

Yesterday we walked around in port Arthur.  A very interesting site. It’s an old prison, from the brittish empire. What I found the most interesting was the seperate prison. They built it after a paradigm shift.

Port Arthur was one of the toughest prison during that time. It was nearly impossible to escape, the physical work was very demanding and the punishment was hard. But old prisoner still got sent back to the prison. So instead of physical punishment they went for breaking their spirit.

If you were a prisoner you got locked up in a small cell with white walls 23h/day. The last hour you have a chance to exercise. But then you had a hood over your head and only holes for your eyes. Nobody knew who you were and you only knew the guard.

Once you were in there your name stop to exist. You were just a number and you had to be absolutely silent, no singing, talking to your self or even humming.

If you broke any of the rules you got sent to a punishment cell. Total darkness 24/7.

It’s tough. People got insane in there. I wonder if I would have survived. Maybe find my salvation. At least I got a lot of time to meditate. To be honest I don’t think I would survive 2 days in there. I would become so restless.

Anyway, I hope the weather will be better tomorrow.



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