Tassie #1

Last state in Australia. I’m gonna spend 10 days here to ”explore the possibilities”. I never been to New Zealand but Tas feels like a smaller version of NZ.

Our trip doesn’t really go as planned. It broke down the first day. Haha. It’s important to be prepared though, it’s good to be flexible as well.

Anyway I went on port arthurs ghost tour in the evening. I don’t really believe in ghosts but I would not like to walk around there by myself during the night.  I also noticed that most people didn’t want to have a dark room behind them. Everybody stood with a wall behind their back when it was possible.

Superstition and imagination can go a long way. Just put some ideas innocently inside their head. Then their imagination will the rest.  At least mine did.

The tour was quite nice. The guide took us on a stroll through the old buildings and told us stories about them. He also told us some stories that visitors wrote in to them. It reminded me a little bit of some nights in the past where a few people sit around a campfire in the night and sharing horror stories.

During the day we visited salamanca market, Richmond and fortesque bay.



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