My Katherine to Cairns trip made me think about how different experiences and lifestyles are even if one is travelling.

I have been lucky and been able to travel around Australia and managed to save up money.

By talking to other people I find out how they travel. A lot of people spend a lot of time working, some on different farms and some in cities. They travel on their weekend if they travel at all. Some of them save and travel the last month. Some just travelling around in their vans saving money on food and accommodation. Spending their money on alcohol and parties. Some just work and party. Some are travelling between jobs a little bit like me and some just travel until they use up all their money.

Back in Sweden I met a lot of people who wish to travel the world, some wants to do it. I don’t know if that’s a fashion thing or if everybody genuinely wants to do it.

Time, money and responsibility are usually the reasons that stops people.

I believe that it will almost never be the ”perfect” time to travel. You have to take time or make time for it to happen.

You will definitely need money to travel.  But not as much as you think. Most of the people I met are poor.

Responsibilities is a hard nut to crack.

In the end you have to decide for yourself what is more important.

Few brainstorming ideas:
Volunteer, just a short vacation, work your way around, flight steward, international company, exchange student, become famous, pilot, cruise line, politician.



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