Interview with Toni

I did an interview with myself a few days after I came back from the hike. I thought it would be fun to be a small superstar. Here’s the transcript:

-Let’s start with the classic question.  How do you feel now after your hiking trip?

It feels good. I’m quite happy and content with how it turned out.

-What did you want to get out of it?

I mentioned it a little bit in my first post. The main reason is that I wanted to test myself. It’s easy to talk, read and dream about it. What really matters though is if you do it or not. I challenged myself. Am I just all talk or can I walk the walk.

More hiking experiences have been on my agenda for a long time as well. So it was almost a nobrainer.

I also wanted to see if I could find peace in the gorge and maybe some belief in myself.

-So, did you achieve what you wanted?

Pretty much, I did followed through. I got more hiking experience, peace in small chunks. I don’t know about belief though.

– Did you get any insights?

Not really, two small ones maybe.
Firstly, sometimes when I’m alone I wish I had someone there with me and sometimes when I have someone I wish I was alone.
Secondly, it’s a lot of chatting in my mind.

– What did you like about the hike?

The gorge obviously, it’s really beautiful. I get some exercise, I’m a bit sore actually. What I liked the most though was the small moments when I really saw and felt.

It happened a few times. I just took a deep breath and everything around me changed. My perception of things around me changed. The colour were more colours, the sounds sounded more lovely and I was full of energy again. I never taken drugs, but that is what it most be like. Those moments were the best.

– What didn’t you like?

Easy, the flies. Haha.

– If you did it again would you change anything?

Not really maybe a better backpack and a fly net.

– Ok, thanks for your time. I hope you will have a great journey.



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