Full circle

I been writing in my notebook but haven’t had time to transcribe them to the phone. But I try to catch up.

I travel more than I write now and for the moment I’m back were I began, Gold Coast. If there was a place I would have considered my home in Australia, it would be here.

Anyway, I have done some interesting things since I last wrote. I start to write about my trip from Katherine to Cairns. We found a share ride.

So, we were five people travelling with two vans and everyone shared the petrol.

We camped in the bush, eating food from bins and no showers. It maybe doesn’t sound that great but it was quite fun actually. Just to try their lifestyle. Personally, I would have a hard time doing it for a long period of time.

A few things that comes to mind:

First day we stopped at a place called mataranka. It’s a really nice hot spring there. So we swam there for like 2h. It was totally dark by then so we went and found a place to camp.

The guys lit a campfire and started to prepare dinner for everyone. (Btw, we traveled with one German and two French.) We put up our cute little tent i  the meantime. That was my first campfire in Australia. They put on some music and we had our dinner. Campfire, music, nice food, nice company and a totally clear night sky with millions of stars. It was a perfect start on our trip.

The last day before Cairns we stopped at a waterfall and had a swim there. It was fucking cold. But I was so smelly by then so I had to take a quick swim (had not showered since the first day, no swimming either). Haha, I smelled so bad.

Another thing that comes to mind is the second night. One of the French guy took out his guitar and started playing. I so want to learn it. That was really good and that evening I saw some shooting stars as well.

It wasn’t always that glorious though. As I said I hadn’t showered for like four days. And we are sweating everyday because it’s so hot.

We were short of drinking water as well. One day we filled our tanks at a petrol station and filled up our water bottles. Suddenly a women come out running and started to scream ”thieves, get out of here” we were like wtf. She continues ”You can’t just steal or water like that. It’s very precious here and it’s expensive. ” And took one of our bottles and poured it of the ground. *why do you pour it on the ground then*

Another night, we vad driven the whole day and everyone was tired. It was hard to find firewood and very windy. We just had a quick dinner and went to sleep. That night I was longing for a nice warm room and a long hot bath.

Two times we were stopped by the police because they wanted to test for alcohol and drugs. One time I sat i  the back of the van so I had to hide. It was sooo hot. I felt like a refugee.

One last thing, a quite different experience. One evening we hit a small kangaroo. One guy really wanted to bring it with him so he did it. We arrived at the campsite and he skinned it. He also cut off the meat which we cooked and ate the next day. It was quite good actually. Honestly, I would like to try it, skin an animal. Just to see if I would do it. I eat meat, it would be so wierd if I was unable to do it. Maybe I dislike it so much that I become a vegetarian. It takes a lot of time to skin a animal though.

It was interesting to see how other people traveled. It was very different compared to my travels.



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