Nitmiluk Day 2

Ok, the second part of my journey. Enjoy!

I though I would start in the morning. But I start were I let off.

Night in the wilderness

I finished writing and was laying in my tent listening to all the sound around me. It was a bit scary. It was ok when I was writing because that kept my mind occupied. But now when I finished my focus was nowhere and everywhere. My imagination was racing, ”what’s that sound?” ”It must be a wild pig” ”Oh, that was a Kangaroo”. A few times I thought some animal was brushing against the tent.

I couldn’t sleep. To let my mind relax a little bit I went out for a pee. As a bonus I was able to watch the stars. There were billions of them and they were looking after me. That made me think of Simba and Mufasa. It made me feel better. I also imagined that they were giving me a wink and told me ”Don’t worry, we watch over you.” The spell broke when some insect start to bother me. Mosquitos and other stuff. I went back to my tent and went to sleep.

A new day

My plan this day was to do Smitt Rock, Lily Pond and if I have time Pat’s lookout. Then I would have had done all the walks in Katherine gorge. So, I woke up early next morning hoping that the flies was still sleeping and to have enough time to do what I want to do. I packed everything and after a look upon the eight gorge I headed towards Smitt Rock.

My pace was good and I also saw a kangaroo. It was a good morning. It says on the information sheet that the last two km of this walk was rough. But I thought I rough can it be. No track I have done had been rough even if they said it was. It didn’t matter actually, I would probably have done it if it said that I had to walk through hell as well. Because, Smitt rock was one of the reason I did this. It’s a big rock in the middle of the gorge.

I found out later what they meant with rough. The track was only an animal trail. That wasn’t really the problem, the problem was that it was going up and down. Very up and down. It was as if the gorge had built walls to keep the unworthy out. I’m not unworthy so I kept going.

The easy ones was 1-2m high. Those were easy. But then you had the 8-10m ones. I had to climb, literally climb up and down. Well, I’m here so I can’t turn back now. Up, down, up, down, climbing, sliding. What an exercise. It is this kind of walks that makes life exciting. The thing is, I had a heavy backpack on my back. Not that fun when it gets stuck in bransches and that kind of things. I arrived at the edge, I could see the river and the back of smitt rock. Now I just had to climb down 20-30m. Let’s do it!

At this time I was sweating like a pig and quite tired, but I prefer this to yesterday. Down the gorge wall and short walk to the river. It was a little bit unreal. I have arrived. Birds was flying around the rock and it was mighty. I just sat back in the shade, smiled and just felt good.

I ate my breakfast in this magical place. Just enjoying the atmosphere. Oops, stayed here too long. I’m not sure I would have time to do Lily Pond. It was ok, so I started to head back. Half-way back I heard a lot of branches break and then, do-doff-do-doff. I was a little bit scared. Hope it’s not heading this way. I looked over and I saw a buffalo running in the other direction. Wow! I saw a real wild Buffalo!

The rest of the journey, was a little bit uneventful. Decided in the end to do Pat’s lookout. Went there before I went back to the information center to collect my deposit.

Feeling more than satisfied with my adventure. The hitch hike home wasn’t that hard either. The second car I waved my thumb for stopped and picked me up. He was from victoria and we talked and talked. Suddenly out of nowhere we were back in civilisation again. I went up to my place and took a long nice shower.



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