Cape Range National Park

Easy to lose it if you forget to write one day. But it wasn’t much to write. Had problems with our car. Not that good.

We went snorkeling today. Finally, got good weather. It was awesome snorkeling as well. The reef was like 10m from shore in one place. Just jump into the water and you’re pretty much on top of the reef.

We snorkeled at two places


We had the whole fucking beach for ourselves. But the reef were further out.


You can see the reef here. So easy to snorkel here. This was the second place.

We saw some wallabies


Some Emus


It’s like a different world. Scary and beautiful at the same time. Especially in the sea. I am not the best swimmer and not use to snorkeling either. So I breath a lot in the beginning. In-out-in-out. But sometimes I feel so at ease that my breathing slows down. Iiiiiin—–oooouuut—–iiiiiiin—–oooouuut.
I am just being. Floating around in wonderland. Til I get water down my tube. Then I cough and the magic fades away. I find it easier to dive than snorkel.

Unfortunately, our cameras doesn’t work in wonderworld. You just have to trust me. Or come and check it out yourself. Recommended.

It will be some time before I will see that world again. Because north of here you can find saltwater crocodiles in the water. Don’t really wanna mess with them.



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