If this was the last day of your life? What would you wanna do?

I think most of us have come across that question. One way or another. It’s a great question actually. And it can be a good to ask oneself that question from time to time.

My answer to that question have changed. Well, not really. I just realised that you can answer that question in many different ways.
A year ago when I asked myself that question my aswer would have been, rock climbing,  hiking, skydiving,  bungjy jumping. It would have been about experiences.

Now, I still want to do those  things but other things have come up as well. Hang out with my closest friends, spend time with my family. Spend time with people I love and just enjoy their company.

It doesn’t have to be big things anymore. It would be great to experience those, but that is not the only thing.



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