Do you ever think about what it is that you want in life? How would you like your life to be 5 years from now? Or how do you think your life will look like? Are you content with that?

I was thinking about my future a few days ago and what do I see. Nothing. I have no idea where I am heading. Where my life is heading.

5 years from now is full of possibilities though. I’m maybe in Taiwan, creating a new life there. I’m maybe in Canada, maybe back in Sweden or I maybe doesn’t even exist in 5 years.

A lot of people say that you have to have goals. It gives you direction. Gives you a purpose. It gives you something to work towards. ”If you don’t decide what you want, other people will decide for you”.

The funny thing is I don’t really know what I want. I have a little idea about my very far future and my nearest future.
Canada is my nearest future. House and solitude is my furthest future. In between it’s blank.

Another thing with goals though. Do we really know what we truly want? Some research suggests that we don’t. And aa part of me agree. It is not that we don’t know what we want. It just that what we think we want is actually different in reality.

Let me give you some examples. My virginity,  I though that it was going to be great to lose my virginity. I imagined that I would change. It would be passionate sex, but the sex sucked. It felt good though,  but afterwards it was like ”This is it?”.

Australia, I thought I would live a chill life. Live by the beach, surf everyday, hang out with friends or get on adventures. Not really, everyday life is pretty like the life back home except for the weather and the awesome beaches and the language… and the people.

It’s good to have goals but don’t kill yourself over it.



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