Surfing lesson

I just read this post and I think it was pretty good.

Of course this is only a metaphor and you and me can probably find a few metaphor for the same thing.

This is a good one though.


2 reaktioner på ”Surfing lesson

  1. Don’t you feel that everything in this world is about habituation. There is no such a thing that you literally can do or cannot do, it’s all about to get used to it from time to time, practice to practice. You can get up at 7 every mornings, or not to; can take cold showers everyday, it was hard but it’s now your habit already; you can pick up a phone and start a conversation with someone that you think it’s important without hesitation, or keep going around with possibilities over and over again… first step is always hard, and unfortunately there is no one can do that for you, you are always on your own with that.

    • I think there are things you can ir cannot do. But I agree the most of the things of what we do is habits. Or different degrees of habits.

      I believe that you touch on a very important point whe ylu say that in the end it’s up to oneself to do what is needed to do. Nobody can do it for us.


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