Post 95

Not that much left. Only five posts.

I have been here in Australia more than a year now and I will stay here even longer.

Sometimes it feels like I have been here forever. The life I had before this was just a long dream. But sometimes it feels like the time have flown pass me without me noticing.

I start to wonder what have I achieved this year. When I think back I see that I have been through a lot. This was supposed to be an one man show. People would get in and out of my life and most of the time I would travel alone.

I still remember the first day I arrived here in Australia. I took a late flight from Singapore and arrived in the morning in Melbourne. I was supposed to transfer there.

For some reason I wasn’t able to sleep on that flight. Maybe I was nervous, maybe I was excited I don’t really remember. To be honest if you would have asked me what I felt that day I think I would have answered pretty normal.

I don’t think I realised what I had done. Or was going to do. Anyway I went to my gate and waited for one and a half hour. The flight was late.

Took the flight to gold coast at that moment I hadn’t slept for 24h.

Luckily I had already booked an accommodation in a hostel.

I took the airbus. For me it felt like I had arrived in paradise. It was hot and sunny. And along the road I could see palm trees. Everything felt surreal. Wow, was my reaction. I gonna live here. Haha, that was pretty cool.

It was exciting times. Everything was so new. I was literally bombarded with impressions. Almost as if I was reborn.

Now I know exactly where I was and what I thought was amazing and new then, doesn’t feel that special anymore.


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