Paradox of life

I had an ephinany today at work.  I don’t really remember what I was thinking about. But suddenly it hit me… I am judgemental.

The harder I try not to be judgement the more judgemental I have become. How is that even possible?

Lets say that someone says ”she is stupid.” Because she did something wrong.  It wasn’t even her fault and she is new. Then I maybe think ”hey it was just a mistake. Don’t be such an ass about it”

Or if somebody says ”He is so conservative.” Then I maybe think ”hey, it’s his way. Its doesn’t have to be bad. Don’t judge him for it.”

But all of those reactions is judgemental in and of itself.

Then I started to think ”Maybe it applies to other part of life as well.”

The more you try to please everyone, in the end you please no one.

The more you trying to do, in the end you don’t get anything done.

The more you try to be happy the more unhappy you get.

And maybe… The more you try to figure out life the less you end up knowing about life?



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