My paradigm of cooking

I don’t know if you ever though about how much time you actually spend on cooking. If you do it you probably will discover that it is a lot. If you don’t eat out everyday. (I know a few that does that.)

Anyway, I am not a good cook and I want to spend as less time as possible cooking.

If you want to free up more time that you can use to do something else. There is a way. I pretty much done it unconsciously.

To begin with you have to realise that it’s more to cooking than actually cooking. I divide it up in multiple activities. Buying groceries, preparing, cooking and washing dishes.

Buying groceries
If you are like most people I seen you probably spend 2-3h a week buying groceries. If you spend less it’s good. To cut down time here it’s only two things to do. Plan what you are gonna buy and buy once a week.

That is very much possible. It helps to buy in the same store as well. That makes it easier to find stuff.

This is the phase that I find is easiest to cut down time in. Well at least I find it the easiest part to cut down in. You can either buy things that already is prepared or you can prepare more in a single session. Like once or twice a week. For example cut the whole piece of meat, cut extra vegetable.

This is the actual time you cook. Usually this doesn’t take thag much time for me. But the only thing I can say is. Plan, take out everything you need before hand, cook the pasta a d while the pasta is cooking you can prepare the saucr or something like that.

Buy a dishwasher or reuse stuff during your prep and cooking time.

Cook for more than one meal at a time and store ig in the fridge or freezer.



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