Post 56

Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up. Alfred Pennyworth

I have always wanted to use that quote. Now I can. It’s not that bad actually. But if this was a few years ago I would beat myself up. Like, you are so useless, can’t even post on a blog everyday. It’s not that hard. Other people work hard everyday some of them even 16h a day. You are so lazy, useless, you cant do anything properly that’s why you have nothing.

Luckily I’m not like that anymore. Well, at least I hope not. The blogging thing is not really a big thing. But it’s still important to finish this project.

Something I know, learnt, whatever. Is that it doesn’t help to beat yourself up. Don’t let anyone talk down to you like that not even yourself.

Easier said than done. Maybe I get the chance to really explain this with my own xample some day.

Anyway, didn’t post for 3 days. I am gonna add the three post at the end of this project. Now it’s day 59 and post 56, so I will continue till day 103 and post 100.

Less than halfway left.



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