Who Cares

You know sometimes I say that I don’t have anything to write, it’s not always true. I usually have a lot of ideas. But then I start to write and it feels like shit or it feels a little bit to personal. ”I can not post this”.
I posted some of them though. You probably don’t know which they are. Well you can probably guess some of them.
Some of them are really great and I have saved them. But I just doesn’t dare to post them.
Do you know what my thoughts are? Who cares about it anyway? Who would like to read that? They will think that you are childish, stupid, crazy, evil, insecure wiefd etc. It just makes me insecure.
That is why I sometimes write that I am crazy, just a form of defence mechanism. just to let you know that I know it’s a little bit weird. 
Maybe I have to stop doing that.


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