week 2

So now it’s the end of week 2. Not a very exciting week. But it was better than the first week.

Sleep slept alright. Unfortunately I didn’t record when or how long I slept.

Foodwise. Bad start but got better. Cooked more and in return ate more as well. I think it’s a psychological thing. This week when I cooked, I cooked a little bit more than usual, I can’t leave it for tomorrow so I eat it now. The other change was that I have hashbrowns bacon and burgers. If I am to lazy to cook I just put them in the oven. Not much to prepare and not much to wash afterwards. Before I ate noodles with tuna. Not the most nutritious food.

Regarding the studies. I can tell you that it doesn’t really work out. I am back in my old habits. I read the material and I watched the lectures and did the quiz. Passed it. I was able to do it early in the week so I haven’t worried about it for the rest of the week.

One thing though. It was a pretty tough thursday. Worked Wednesday night and thursday morning a d thursday night with only a few hours sleep. Red bull helped out. But it wasn’t only that.  I felt useful. On all the shifts. And I think that gave me energy. I was able to help others and still do my part.

Still just a theory. Not really a possibility to try it out either. Just something to keep in mind.



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