My Strategy

I was thinking I could do a little fun thing. Analyze myself from the framework I learnt last week. It’s two frameworks as I see it. In one framework you analyses a company’s mission, plan and action. There you have the company’s strategy. The other one is where you analyses a company’s values, opportunities and capability. From that you have to ask yourself the question, how can we create value and sustain it? I am going to analyze myself from the first framework.

Let’s start from the top, what is my mission? Like, Why do I exist? What value do I want to create? My core essence. The best way to summarize it is: “Reach my potential and help others that want the same thing.”

Next thing is my plan. How am I going to live up to that? What do I have to develop? You can call it long-term goal. The things I came up with here is: Be an example, share my thoughts, challenge my comfortzone, live on the edge of my ability, develop myself.

Last thing is my actions. What actions do I have to take now to reach achieve my plan and fulfill my mission? Travel, try new things, write about it, talk about it, ask good questions. Find similar people. Reflect over my life.

Not the best analysis. But as I said a fun thing. Just trying to relate the things to something I know.

Prepared for week 2.



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