Week 1

This is the post for yesterday. My self-discipline have pretty much hit rock-bottom. I don’t think I slept enough this week because I stayed up late and read manga ”Liars game”. I haven’t eaten properly,  no excuses there just to lazy to cook and just don’t take care of myself.

Actually I was planning to log everything I did.  But in the end I didn’t, so I have to rely on memory. Which is not the best.

I’ve got back to my old study habits now. Just watched the lectures, making some notes and that’s it.

Well, at least my backup plan worked I watched a video yesterday.

That made it easier for me to watch the other lectures today.

So, crappy start.

Before I start on what I gonna do next week. I must say that I won’t pass the course. I don’t participate in the forums and I don’t think I will have time to do the final project. Lastly I have to asses five others assignment. Probably won’t have time for that either.

But what I will do though is: learn the material, I can test my knowledge in the weekly quizzes. And I will do the final project. But no deadline. I maybe start during the course maybe after we’ll see.

Hopefully I learn some new study habits.

I think I know why I don’t like school now. Deadlines, must keep up all the time. It becomes something I must do not something I want to. I must watch this lecture. Not, this lecture seem interesting let’s watch it. I have the opportunity to fail. I let go of the pressure that I have to pass this course now. But I will try to keep up though.

What to do next week.

Got the reading material in my phone now. So I can read when I am commuting.

Watch the lectures before sunday.

Time log when I sleep, how much time I spend on making and eating food, how much I spend time on reading manga. How much time I spend on commuting and working.

I think I focus on that. I see how it goes with  eating, sleeping and the other stuff.

Good things this week.

I am glad for all the birthday wishes I got.

I am glad for all the presents I got.

I cleaned the house on time.

I am still blogging everyday.

I am glad that I don’t quit all the courses all together.

I am glad that I still trying to make the project work.


2 reaktioner på ”Week 1

  1. Jag lever inte efter detta själv. Men jag försöker.
    *Att bara börja. Någonstans. Vart som helst.
    *20min lock in 🙂

    • Samma här mannen. Samma här. Fast kör nog snarare 10min Lock in. 😉 Fungerar inte alltid men oftare än vad man tror.


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