I have been mentioning procrastination. I procrastinate a lot. It doesn’t really change. Like when I have an exam coming up, then I discover that I suddenly have a lot to do. Clean the house, cook, run some errands. So if you ever want to come to my place you should do it right before I have an exam.

It’s the same with important assignments that sre due soon. In fact the assignment are so important that I have to play some video games first.

I would be so much more productive if I can overcome it. So I began my search for the holy grail of productivity. The more I read, the closer it felt. Until one day when I applied stuff, because the more I tried the more I came to realise. I will never overcome procrastination.

Don’t be discouraged though. You probably have to find your own solution. I haven’t find mine. But something I am planning to do is to have an backup plan. And in that back up plan is a small action.

For example if I don’t feel like study it’s ok. Just watch one video. If you want to exercise go to the gym and walk 10min on the treadmill if you don’t feel like it after that go home. Etc.

I don’t remember other solutions. Sorry. You can probably find good ideas if you google ”beat procrastination” or something like that. The most important thing, if you procrastinate. Remember you are not the only one.



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