As you maybe have noticed I’m already procrastinating a little bit. Honestly I didn’t have time the other days, but I’m procrastinating right now.

Therefore, I have decided to un-enroll in one of the courses. Because to watch the videos only would take me 3-4h/week. Just watching the videos, then I have to do all the other stuff and read etc. And I’m thinking about this week and I realise that I won’t have the time to do it. I haven’t even started. Tomorrow I gonna eat out after work so won’t be able to check it tomorrow either. Thurday I gonna work at red rooster, so I won’t have time then either. The only days I can study is Friday or Saturday this week. It won’t be enough because I probably will do something on saturday as well.

I could have studied today, but I’m procrastinating. Reading manga online ”Liars Game”. Quite good manga though.

Have to have a backup plan. So, whatever happends I’m gonna watch the first video on friday. I don’t really have to listen. I can do something else. But I have to be able to hear it. Not really the best one. But it’s a start.

I guess everybody procrastinate. As I said before. It doesn’t matter as long as you can get on track again. To have a backup plan is one method I will try. See if it can help me to beat procrastination.

P.S Just an update on the memory experiment. Had 3 numbers wrong out of 40 numbers. Did some reflection and know what I did wrong. Now, I’m up to 60 numbers. Haven’t started remembering yet. I’ll keep you updated.



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